Walk in the Light of Christ App

2020 Pacific Area Focus

Walk in the Light of Christ App

This year our focus is to Walk in the Light of Christ by following suggestions and setting individual goals in these 4 special areas:

  • Honour the Sabbath Day
  • Seek the Blessings of the Temple
  • Become Spiritually and Temporally Self-reliant
  • Serve Through Gathering Isreal and Ministering

We can draw closer to our Savior as we take daily steps towards Him. By setting specific, measurable, achievable goals that help us walk in the Light of Christ we grow personally. As we do, we can use the unique talents, skills and special experiences we have been blessed with to love, lift and serve others. As we set and accomplish our individual goals, we are building the kingdom of God. The Walk in the Light of Christ app will also keep you up to date with Area Focus events and send gentle reminders to encourage you with your goals.

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