8 Things to Remember about Jesus Christ’s Atoning Sacrifice

Jesus Christ's Atonement

What is the Atonement?

To atone means to compensate or pay for something. Jesus Christ’s Atonement references His payment for the sins of mankind. It has the power to provide hope and alleviate the burden of sin for anyone. The following are eight things to remember about the beautiful gift of Christ’s atoning sacrifice.

 #1 It’s Personal

Jesus Christ knows and loves you as an individual. He knows the challenges you face. He sees your successes and failures. In Gethsemane He suffered for all sins, mistakes, and sorrows—yours included.  

#2 It’s Infinite 

Jesus Christ acted as only a God is able when He suffered for the sins of mankind. The power and scope of the Atonement is not easily understood. It is infinite, beautiful, and pure. We are not asked to understand it, only to partake of its cleansing power. 

#3 It’s Available to All

Christ was not selective when He knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane. He suffered for every person ever born into mortality, from those who have lived and died to those presently living to those who are not yet born.

#4 It’s Transformative

Unlike Christ, who was perfect, we trek through life and inevitably get spiritually dirty. Without the atoning sacrifice of the Savior, we would be doomed to shoulder our own spiritual burdens forever. The Atonement has the power to clean our souls and fill us with peace (see Isaiah 1:18).

#5 It’s the Most Important Event in History

To suffer from spiritual death is far more serious than physical death. Without the Atonement, mankind would be spiritually lost and would be unable to feel the love and comfort of God. Now, mankind can repent, become spiritually clean, and consistently feel God’s love.

#6 It Helps with Loss

Christ also felt our losses, grief, and pain in Gethsemane When we lose a loved one, the Atonement offers comfort and peace in our times of grief. If we will come to Heavenly Father in prayer during our times of sorrow, He will help us feel peace while we work through the pain. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know how we feel. They won’t let us suffer alone if we seek Them (see John 14:18).

#7 It’s Founded in Love

Christ was able to accomplish His atoning sacrifice because of the immense love He has for us. He understood the gift He was able to give mankind and was unwilling to withhold it from us. He knew where we would be without His mercy. When we repent of our sins and try harder to make good choices, we are loving Him back and expressing appreciation for His sacrifice.  

#8 It Is an Expression of God’s Love for His Children

The Father gave His Son because He loves us (see John 3:16). The Father and the Son cherish us. Through Christ’s life and Atonement, They worked together to provide a way for us to be spiritually free and to fully feel Their love for us, which is the ultimate reward of the Atonement.

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