A Special Mum's Preschool in a Remote Area of Papua New Guinea

Mum's Preschool in a Remote area of Papua New Guinea
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  Patricia Omae

  Papua New Guinea


Sister Patricia Omae is a mother and member of the remote Sabusa Branch in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.

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Approximately 3 years ago she took it on herself to organise a small Preschool for the children of her village. She wanted to help them learn and prepare them for primary school life. The Preschool takes place in a space behind her home and she now has up to fifty children attending classes.

Sister Omae is not a formally trained teacher but draws on her years of experience as a teacher in the church. She now uses the Mum’s Preschool Booklet to give her ideas for curriculum content and learning activities. The children mainly focus on learning their ABCs, 123s, colours and shapes and all the learning is done in English. Much of the learning is done through songs, stories, dance and lots of fun activities.

The children are flourishing in this positive learning environment. The local primary school teachers have commented to our senior missionary, Sister Tua’koi that the children starting at their primary school, that have come through the preschool, are often more advanced in their learning and attitudes toward learning. It gives the children such an advantage. This is an inspiring example of one mother, who used her initiative, and is making a real difference in the lives of many young children.

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For More information on organising your own Mum's Preschool you can visit http://pacific.lds.org/resources/self-reliance/education/mums-preschool