The True Meaning of Christmas


Lighter evenings, the smell of a neighbour's backyard barbecue and the sound of the retail seasonal playlist mean Christmas is on its way. If you're not making your way back from the stores I'm sure a frantic trolley dash is in the plan...

We have translated this ancient festival of Christmas into a time we show our affection and appreciation to loved ones. We're either giving gifts, feeding families or enthusiastically pulling at paper and ribbon.

Do the origins of Christmas have any value in our lives today?

Whether you’re religious or not, it is fair to say that the birth of Jesus Christ transformed the world in which we live. Art, music, architecture, theatre and storytelling have all been influenced by Christian values.

The hopes expressed by millions of New Zealanders, many of them filling rugby stadiums every year, are reinforced by the phrase, sung with passion on our national anthem, 'God defend New Zealand.'

The origins of this public figure, Jesus Christ, pale in comparison to His message. As wonderful as the story of His humble stable birth is, as demonstrated in countless primary school productions, it is His message of hope, love, acceptance and peace that transcend all the costumes, presents, and well-worded motivational quotes.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints love this season and everything it encompasses. However, we are always mindful to keep the Spirit of Jesus Christ and His birth, teachings and example at the centre of our Christmas celebrations.

This Christmas season, wherever you are in the world, we welcome you to join us for a special hour-long Christmas service to be held on Sunday, 22nd December. Click here to find our local church building in your area, as well as service times.