10 Father’s Day Activities Your Dad Will Love


1. Breakfast in bed- Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? And the best part, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Pop some bread in the toaster, throw some eggs in the pan, pour some juice  and you have a perfect dish that Dad will love forever.

2. Spend time with him at his favourite place- Whether it be sitting next to him on his La-Z-Boy in the comfort of his own living room, or going outside to his favourite spot by the beach- spend time with Dad in his favourite place. Not only do you get to spend valuable time with Dad, you get to do what he loves doing.

3. Go to his ward or branch and sit by him- Take the time to go to sacrament meeting with Dad. He will appreciate it. 

4. Write him an honest letter- We all love receiving letters and your Dad is no different. No matter what age you are, there is nothing like a raw and honest expression of gratitude and love that warms our heart.

5. Shine his shoes- The ultimate act of service. Make sure you do it without Dad knowing.

6. Wash his car- A great family activity and one the kids love getting involved in. Fill up a bucket with hot soapy water, give the kids some cloths and you’re good to go.

7. Bake him a cake- Another great activity for the family to do together. And if you’re after healthier options, no problem. There are a range of healthy cake recipes you can find online.

8. Print out his favourite hymns and sing with him- A hymn can bring the Spirit like nothing else.

9. Get together with family and friends- There is nothing more precious than being surrounded by the people you love. Get your family and friends together to spend valuable time with Dad.

10- Take a picnic and go outside- Make the most of the clear skies and warm weather. Pack a simple picnic and take dad outside to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Pacific.