Gearing Up For General Conference 


Get the journals ready- millions of Saints from around the world are gearing up for the 187th semi-annual General Conference to be held next weekend.

There are 21,000 people who attend in person each of the six sessions held  at the Church's Conference Centre in Salt Lake City.

But what about the Saints living in and around the South Pacific? Many will tune in via TV, radio, Internet and satellite broadcasts.

The Leato family from Henderson, Auckland- Tui, Meloney, Jarom, Kaylee, Evan and Sariah- have made it a family tradition to attend every session of General Conference at their stake centre.

“We get to spend time together as a family and listen to the prophets and apostles speak,” Meloney said.

“It’s rejuvenating for all of us. The kids will bring their journals and the following Monday for family home evening we talk about what we learnt. We notice our kids look forward to hearing their favourite apostles speak.”

Young adult Vennetia Tzanis, from Melbourne, is looking forward to Conference because she is able to gain peace and understanding.

“I find joy in the prophet’s words because I know it's from God, and I'm able to realign myself with my Father in Heaven” she said.

She also chooses to watch General Conference at the chapel.

“I think there's a real power that comes from dressing in your church clothes, sitting in the chapel and being with the other saints.”

In the small paradise of Taravau, Tahiti- Stephanie Colombel and her family enjoy gathering around the computer at home to watch Conference.

After Conference finishes, they eat Tahitian food with the rest of the family.

“I love hearing the music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The spirit and music it brings is amazing,' Stephanie said.

This year she will spend conference watching with the missionaries and preparing food for them.

“I try to prepare by being open to all messages,” she said.

Last Saturday (23 September) the first session of conference was especially for women and girls. Watch this session here.

Five more sessions will take place this weekend (30 September and 1 October) in Salt Lake City.

Many Latter-day Saints in this part of the world will watch the sessions the following weekend (7-8 October).

For more information on where to watch the sessions, contact your local church leaders.