LDS Therapists

LDS Family Services - Therapists

LDS Family Services provides qualified and experienced full-time and part-time counseling professionals in its Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offices.

Melbourne (Victoria) Office

  • Peter L Howell (Manager/Clinical Psychologist)
  • Vincent M Meixner (Practitioner/Psychologist)

Sydney (NSW) Office

  • Losa Patterson - Manager / Clinical Psychotherapist
  • LDSFS Community Resource Network Practitioners    

Brisbane (QLD) Office

  • Glenn Oosthuysen (Manager/Clinical Social Worker)
  • LDSFS Community Resource Network practitioners

Other LDS Professionals

In addition, LDS Family Services identifies and fosters relationships with other credible LDS counseling professionals working in private practice, especially in those areas where no local LDS Family Services office is located. A database of other LDS professionals is available country-wide. Depending on your location and specific counseling needs, LDS Family Services may facilitate referrals to these other LDS professionals. Contact your nearest LDS Family Services office for more information.