LDS Family Services - Referrals

Any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints may receive help from LDS Family Services. Non- members of the Church may also receive assistance if they are referred by a church leader.

How to Make a Referral


Church members may contact their nearest LDS Family Services office directly and speak to a staff member. Our reception staff may make an appointment with the caller or may involve a counsellor. We prefer that the prospective client be the one who calls for an appointment, although we understand this is not always feasible.

Church Leader Referral

Church leaders may also contact LDS Family Services to discuss challenging situations with one of our counsellors. When a church leader wishes to refer a person for counseling, he may either provide us with the member’s telephone number or ask the member to call the office directly to arrange an appointment. It is assumed that the church leader has already spoken to the member prior to making the referral.

Assessing LDS Family Services' Capacity to Help

During the referral process the staff member who receives the referral will assess our capacity to provide the requested help. In some high risk situations or where a high degree of specialization is required, it may be appropriate to involve other community resources. For example, someone who is in a psychiatric crisis or who is at risk of harming himself/herself might first receive crisis mental health care prior to commencing the counseling process. A staff member can discuss these matters with the person concerned or the referring church leader.

LDS Family Services staff will also help to identify the most appropriate community-based counseling providers suited to the needs of the client when alternative referral options are required. We can also help to facilitate such a referral.

Length of Therapy or Counseling

Most clients receive the desired help within 12 counseling sessions, although LDS Family Services counsellors are able to help clients over longer periods of time if necessary.

Payment for Services

LDS Family Services charges $95 for each 50 minute counseling session. Clients are encouraged to pay at the time of service. LDS Family Services accepts most payment methods including cash, cheques, credit cards, and other bank account cards.

Members should not be discouraged from receiving assistance if they are experiencing financial hardship. Such members should meet with their Bishop or Branch President and request Fast Offering assistance. Church leaders may approve part or full-payment options. Where the church leader is paying all or part of the account, the client will need to sign an Authorization for Release of Confidential Information so that the church leader can confirm the payment arrangement and receive feedback on the progress of counseling. LDS Family Services will collect the church component of the fee.

Members who are referred to LDS or non-LDS professionals in private practice may be encouraged to obtain a Medicare referral, where appropriate, or to utilize private health cover, to assist in meeting the costs for counseling. Fees and payment methods are determined by the private practitioners themselves.

A Referral Program Practitioner (non LDSFS staff) is also available to deliver counseling services.  These practitioners have a sliding scale aligned with LDSFS fee structure.  This information will be given during the referral and assessment process.