LDS Family Services - Referrals

Any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints may receive help from LDS Family Services. Non- members of the Church may also receive assistance if they are referred by a church leader.

Referral Process

As part of our referral process we will be contacting prospective clients who have been referred by Bishops or members themselves.

On completion of each referral, Agency staff will discuss the appropriateness of each referral in allocation meetings held throughout the week. If deemed an appropriate referral, the prospective client will be allocated a Counsellor who will then contact the client within 48 hours. The client and the therapist will determine the most efficient path to recovery. The team will also advise what course of action to take with referrals that are deemed not appropriate, such as offering another suitable agency/service.

Length of Therapy

LDS Family Services offers a short-term counselling focus. This usually means fewer than twelve sessions( on average about 6 sessions). If it appears your situation requires more than twelve sessions, your therapist may discuss a referral to a program that can accommodate that need.

Payment for Services

The fee for services is $50 per 50-minute session. When requested, we can assist in billing authorized payments from bishops. If indicated that a bishop will be paying for any portion of the bill, an Authorization for Release of Confidential Information would need to be signed so that we can contact that bishop and share information regarding your billing/payment arrangements. If your bishop changes during the course of treatment, and you want the new bishop to continue payment for services, you must notify LDS Family Services and sign a new Authorization for Release of Confidential Information form.

Cancellation of Appointment

On occasion, a situation may arise which prevents customers from keeping a scheduled appointment with their therapist. As a courtesy to the therapist and the agency, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment if you cannot keep it.

It is up to customers and referrers to ask questions and clarify any information that they do not understand.