Helping my Daughter Become Spiritually Self Reliant

Helping my Daughter Become Spiritually Self Reliant
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  Lincoln Reid

  New Zealand


Have an experience to share - 2016 Pacific Area Plan

Lincoln Reid is using Family Home Evening to teach his daughter about spiritual self-reliance.

My wife asked me to help our 7 year old daughter to write her a talk for primary. The topic she had been assigned was 'What Have I Learned from Reading my Scriptures This Week?'.

Earlier this year in one of our Family Home Evenings we set some goals based on the 2016 Area Plan. One goal we decided on was to read the Book of Mormon as a family.

That night we just happened to be reading the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi and I wondered if we had learned anything as a family (including myself). After giving her some helpful pointers on how to write a talk and after much discussion over what we had learnt that week, we were able to prepare her talk for that Sunday. Although she was nervous, she was very excited to share what she had learnt with the primary and she did very well. After her Grandparents had heard she'd given a talk they asked if she could share it again for the lesson in our combined Family Home Evening.

To our pleasant surprise she not only gave the talk (delivered over a pulpit she made herself) but she went on to ask everyone questions about what they had learned from her talk. She took it even further and asked for a piece of paper to be passed around the room for everyone to write down their own testimonies of what they knew to be true. She referred back to her talk afterwards, then bore a very simple but beautiful testimony of reading the scriptures as a family.

Hearing my daughter develop and share a pure, sweet testimony of her own is one of the greatest joys I have experienced as a parent.