Improving My Business - Patrick's Experience

Patrick with his employees
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  Patrick Maseru

  Solomon Islands


Patrick Maseru is using the Self-Reliance courses to improve his business.

Patrick Maseru (centre of photograph) has been running his own Security Company for a while.  However, since attending a local Self-Reliance course, he has improved his business.

One of the ideas he liked while attending classes was to give his company a better image by outfitting his staff with uniforms, something not generally done in the Islands.  His employees now wear white shirts with SECURITY printed on the back.

Patrick stated that he and his wife “now understand much better how to run our business.”  They have made many changes, all improvements.

“We now understand what it is to keep track of our income and costs.  That was something we never did before.  We are so grateful to the Church for giving us this wonderful course.'