Becoming A Stay-at-Home Mom

Rose holding her child standing in front of her business
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  Rose Hoara

  Solomon Islands


Rose Hoara Reaches Her Goal to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom

When Rose Hoara was pregnant with her first baby, she made the decision to be a stay-at-home Mom.  It seemed like an impossible dream, but she still became part of a local Start or Grow My Business (SGMB) class.

During the class, she heard a Sister Missionary say that she wanted to buy eggs, but there were none in the shops.  The Sister thought that if someone could start a little business supplying eggs, “it would surely be a winner.”

Rose took this challenge to heart.  With help, she did a market survey, figuring out costs and projecting sales.

Today she has just purchased her second batch of 30 day-old chicks, and her business is doing very well.

When we asked why she started her business, she explained, “My husband is a Returned Missionary and is the Branch President.  He also works a full-time job and is studying.  We have little cash as he is uneducated, has a menial job, and with his church responsibilities does not have time for a second job.

“But I am determined to be with my babies as they grow up, so I had to start a business I could run from home.  The Lord has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams, and the Self-Reliance Course was one of our greatest blessings.”