Meet The Team 


Shayna Swain (watch Shayna's video: here)

Shayna Swain is no stranger to our screens.  In 2017 she was known as “shady Shay” while as a contestant on the reality series Survivor.

“Being on Survivor, I learnt not to care about what people think,” she said.

“A lot of people were trying to influence me to act in a certain way. I learnt to take on challenges the way I wanted to do it, instead of doing what everyone else wanted me to do.”

Shayna hails from West Auckland and describes her marriage to husband of four years Alex as a “culture adventure”.

She jumped at the chance to work on SUP because its not something the Church has ever done before.

“SUP is a cool initiative and it’s a different way to share the area goals,” she said.

“We are so limited about what we can watch on Sunday. SUP is an uplifting show that doesn’t have trash in it.”

Shayna says she is the one who you might often see rolling her eyes.  

“My husband says I’m the street smart one but I’m just there reacting to what Nathan and Alyse do.

People think think I’m funny, but I’m just in my own world.”

Shayna aspires to be a police woman and will study at Police College in Wellington this year. 


Nathan McAnnalley (watch Nathan's video: here)

Shayna calls him the “awkward dad” but Nathan McAnnalley says he’s the “stabilizer and calming influencer” of the group.

Nathan was born and bred in the mighty Waikato and is the father of five children and husband to his beautiful wife Janferay for 18 years.

He is the franchise develop manager for the gym Anytime Fitness, a former bishop and in his spare time enjoys hunting with his 13-year-old daughter who can “shoot better than me”.

Nathan describes himself as “funny” and hopes people will watch SUP because there are “three awesome presenters”.

“Even though I’m a little bit older, it wasn’t a barrier,” he said.

“It’s like we had been mates forever. We just make fun of each other cause wee on different stages, they can make fun of me cause I’m old, I will make fun of Alyse because she’s in YSA. Those two are crazy but I bring them back on track.”

He also believes SUP offers a different perspective.

“We are able to portray a message in a different way,' he said.

“People need to know that where they at in life and what they’re going through is normal. Everyone is looking for ways to do better.”


Alyse James (watch Alyse's video: here)

Alyse James or “Lou” as her family call her is often the life of the party. She describes herself as “loud, fun, crazy… but savage”.

She grew up in Christchurch and now lives in Hamilton, and attends the Hamilton East Ward as a young single adult.

Alyse has never worked in front of a camera before, and although she says she was nervous, she thought, “I’m going to do it!”

“I like the idea of being able to engage and perform… it is an exciting experience,” she said.

Alyse comes from a blended family of eight siblings and two sets of parents. 

She is the executive assistant at the Te Wananga o Aotearoa. 

'My dream is to create social change through body positivity with young girls to empower them through self-identity and self-worth.'

She hopes other young adults will tune into SUP.

“The show gives a “real’ voice to the things we are dealing with in our daily lives,” she said.

“There’s so many things we can spend our time on that distracts us from our purpose and goals. SUP will helps us refocus on the area goals.”


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