Local Ensign Inserts Available Online

Local Ensign Inserts Available Online

For almost 35 years New Zealand and Australia local news inserts have been included in the monthly Ensign magazines. Initially the local news articles for Australia and New Zealand were combined in the same insert, but five years ago they became separate pages, and are included in every Ensign magazine, except for the May and November issues, which contain the General Conference articles.

For the past two years, the monthly inserts of activities, events, and local achievements have also been posted online, on the New Zealand, and Australia country websites.

Each monthly insert consists of a message from the Pacific Area Presidency, and a variety of articles about Church conferences, service projects, youth activities, Church members being recognised for achievements within their local community, and events that raise the Church’s profile locally.

Personal stories of inspiration and growth, learning and understanding, faith promoting and testimony strengthening moments that have changed local member’s lives are also being shared and included in the Ensign inserts, and on the country websites.

To access the Ensign inserts, click the Australian Resources link on the right hand side of the website home page.

We are always looking for new stories to share. If you would like to contribute local articles or stories to the Ensign insert pages, please send them to: