Pacific Area Member Share

Pacific Area Member Share

Members are encouraged to use the Internet to flood the earth with testimonies of the Savior and His restored gospel. They should view blogs, social networks, and other Internet technologies as tools that allow them to amplify their voice in promoting the messages of peace, hope, and joy that accompany faith in Christ.

Members are encouraged to share messages from official Church websites and social accounts, as well as their own words, images, and media.

As members use the Internet to hasten the work of the Lord, they should exemplify civility and focus on sharing praiseworthy messages that strengthen those with whom they come in contact.

Sabbath Day Observance Strengthen Faith in Jesus Christ Temple and Family History Work
Hasten the Work of Salvation Save the Rising Generation Strengthen Families
Strengthen the Priesthood Increase and Sustain Conversions Strengthen the Daughters of God
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