LDS Artist Up for Top Prize 


Pianika “Polly” Duncan has been writing music since she can remember.

Now the mother of two is on a mission to bring “goodness” to the world through her singing.

Polly has been nominated for Best Māori Female Solo Artist for the 2017 Waiata Māori Music Awards.

For Māori Language Week, Polly released her first music video, “Bring Mana to your name” directed by Rhys Duncan.

“The song is about inspiring powerful change,” she said.

“’Mana’ means pride, strength, power and respect. It’s about bringing those qualities to your name by knowing who your ancestors are and where they come from.”

The inspiring song won third place in the E Tū Whānau song competition.

 “I feel a lot of pride being Maori and it’s such a beautiful language,” Polly said.

“I just hope people feel inspired by my music. My dream is to be an example of good and praise Heavenly Father through singing.”

Polly lives in Temple View with her husband Jeremy and two daughters. Originally from Ngaruawahia, she said music runs in her family.

“Music is one of the biggest tools to help us feel the Spirit,” she said.

 “I gained a real love for writing music growing up. I studied music at Wintec. Writing is very therapeutic and it’s my outlet.”

Her love for the Saviour Jesus Christ is her biggest source of inspiration, she said.

“Everything I write is inspired by Heavenly Father. ’Bring Mana to your name’ is based on Church values and choosing the right,” she said.

“A lot of us have names, especially our last names, that comes from our ancestors. How you are remembered is the decisions you make in life. Everyone in your family is like a link to a chain but everything starts with you. I’m just trying to inspire people to make good decisions.”

Polly hopes to one day produce an album of gospel music.

“I just want to get my music out there and inspire people.”

Follow Polly’s music journey on her Facebook page Pianika Duncan Music.