Port Moresby Mission Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Returned missionaries and their families at the devotional

On Thursday 30th March 2017, the mission presidents from Port Moresby, President Taeoalii, and President Fehoko from the Lei Mission, and several other Church leaders, met together with government officials and department heads to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Port Moresby Mission in Papua New Guinea.

Several leaders from other nations also attended, including the Ambassadors from the United States, Vanuatu and Fiji who got to mingle before hearing from Mission President Taeoalii, about how the Church partners with other organizations in Papua New Guinea, which provides our members with the opportunity to work as true disciples of Jesus Christ, by helping others to develop.

In his presentation, President Taeoalii said, “If you don’t take anything else from the function this evening, I hope you know that we are all sons and daughters of God”. He went on to share that a living prophet today said the two most important words we can use are ‘thank you’. Then he expressed appreciation to the government, and non-government organisations in Papua New Guinea, for all their assistance over the last 25 years in helping the Church become established in Papua New Guinea.

President McCarthy, of the Port Moresby Stake, spoke with the invited guests and highlighted some of the Church’s initiatives, including an important program created for especially for mothers, which teaches them how they can educate their own children in their homes. The loud applause from the audience indicated their approval of the Church’s involvement in local communities.

A devotional for returned missionaries was held on Friday 31st March; more than 200 returned missionaries and their families heard talks from the two current mission presidents serving in Papua New Guinea. There messages encouraged all to continue raising their families using the gospel principles they’d gathered and developed while on their mission. The Saints were challenged to live the gospel and to help contribute to the strength and growth of the Church in Papua New Guinea.

Following the devotional, everyone moved to the cultural hall where they began their ball. This was truly a magnificent evening that will be remembered by all who attended.

The following day, 1st April, over 600 families and friends gathered at a local facility to witness enactments about how the Church arrived in each region of the country. 

Many attendees, some of whom had come by plane, were moved by the combined efforts of all involved with the organisation of the weekend’s celebrations. All returned missionaries in the hall were invited to sing, ‘Called to Serve’ as the evening came to an end.  

The weekend’s proceedings were a beautiful way mark this significant quarter of a century milestone of the Church’s progress in Papua New Guinea.