Saints in Perth Find Their Pathway to Success

BYU Pathways class being held in Perth, Australia

Latter-day Saints in Perth are on the right path when it comes to being self-reliant.

32 year-old Elam Semu serves as a Bishop in the Mandurah Ward. He has one daughter Willow with his wife Serene. Although he already works as a manager and Serene is the owner of a family day care, Semu has a desire to upskill. He hopes to one day hold an executive position and gain a degree in business management.

Semu is one of many Saints around the world who have joined the BYU Idaho Pathway programme. Pathway began in 2009 in the United States. It was designed to give students like Semu a low-cost and flexible way to prepare for university.

Pathway operates in most of the Pacific Islands, New Zealand as well as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. This is the first time the programme has been offered in Perth.

 “I like that through BYU Pathway, education is affordable and easily accessible for New Zealand citizens unable to access higher education loans in Australia,” he said.

“I’ve experienced it improve my daily schedule. All learning materials are supported by gospel doctrine and principles, which enhances my learning experience. There is an eternal perspective in the learning model that provides increase in my vocation, calling duties and as a father, husband and so on. The skills are relevant and can be implemented immediately.”

Successful completion of Pathway (with a B grade or better) allows students entry to BYU-Idaho online courses. The program takes one year (or three semesters) to complete and can lead to professional certificates and degrees offered online from BYU Idaho.

Louisa Kaberry also attends the BYU Idaho Pathway classes in Perth. She said Pathway has been “enlightening”.

“This is definitely an inspired program,” she said.

“I have enjoyed myself immensely and every lesson seems to be well timed to my personal and spiritual progress. It has helped me to become a better person and has strengthened my relationships with my family. I am much better because of it.”

Individual Pathway locations are facilitated by service missionaries in Australia, New Zealand and across the Pacific. The BYU Idaho Pathway programme is supported by the 2017 Pacific area goals which encourages Latter-day Saints across the world to seek learning and education by faith.

BYU Idaho Pathway has expanded to nearly 500 sites in 50 countries, serving over 57,000 students.

The BYU Idaho Pathway group in Perth meet each Thursday night at the Como Chapel at 7pm.  Contact Elder Millar at for more information.

Go to to find out more information about the BYU Idaho Pathway programme.