Family History

Family History

Purpose: The Family History Department’s mission statement is to “Redeem the Dead” by providing the education, training, means, resources and support to help members identify their ancestors and have the ordinances performed in the temple.


Department Manager   


Our Three Overriding Objectives Are:

  1. Free the spirits from prison.
  2. Broaden member participation.
  3. Prepare the foundation for the book (D&C 128).


In an Effort to Meet these Objectives the Family History Department Utilizes:

  1. Full time missionaries assisting in the Australia Family History Support Office.
  2. Family History Advisors called to assist local leaders to help organize family history work within each stake to ensure that resources are available for ward and branch members to participate in the work.
  3. Service missionaries called to provide assistance over the phone and internet via a global family history contact centre.


In addition to strengthening the work within the stakes and districts, wards and branches, the department also works with governments, societies, churches and other organizations in an effort to identify and preserve valuable records and make them available for all members of the church and community to use as they in turn seek out their own ancestors.