‘Area Goals’ probably isn’t a phrase that makes you want to jump out of your chair and hi-five all your friends.

You may have seen this poster floating around, but you may not know that the Pacific Area Presidency, right here in the Pacific Area created these priorities for everyone in our area in 2018.

We are promised by President O.Vincent Haleck that the area plan will “strengthen us individually and in families'  if we follow these guidelines.

So we decided to try and promote the 2018 Area Goals with a whole new approach. We’ve created a panel style show called ‘SUP’ (Strengthen Unify and Prioritise) with some local people talking frankly and honestly about these topics. Shayna, Nathan and Alyse certainly don’t take themselves too seriously as they discuss topics like Sabbath Day and Temples

Not everyone’s going to LOVE it, but we’re pretty happy with how it’s turned out and we all feel like it’s time to access that strength we’ve been promised by starting to follow the Area Priorities. 

SUP starts this week. Check out our social channels to see when it drops. 


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