These three slides represent the whole story for the Envision Project. Click on the images to enlarge.

  • The first slide shows land uses submitted into the District Plan
  • Second is the proposed area for annexation
  • Finally, the detailed illustrative plan under development

This illustrative master plan is a visual portrait of the former Church College campus when completed as proposed by the Church. It should be viewed in conjunction with the land-use plan [#1 slide above, titled Master Plan Areas]. This illustrative plan has synergies with the draft planning provisions proposed by Hamilton City Council to be included within the Proposed District Plan (anticipated to be publically notified before the end of 2012). Please note that this illustrative plan is still a ‘work in progress’ and looks at the real future possibilities. This illustrative plan represents ideas put forward by the Church for the best use of the campus.

Of some certainty is the location of the new Temple View stake centre, however, as progress unfolds the shape and layout of the homes in the retirement village area, for example, might be adjusted in accordance with updated information. Of particular interest you may observe that many former school facilities, including the David O McKay Building and most teachers’ housing will eventually be removed. In this regard, the Church understands it will have to apply for and obtain a Resource Consent from Hamilton City Council before works could commence. Additionally, any development on the former Church College campus will be subject to specific Temple View character overlay provisions set out in the Hamilton City Operative District Plan. These provisions will ensure that any new development has appropriate reference to the distinctive Temple View character in its architectural design, colour etc.

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