Temple View Properties Development Update

Temple View Properties Development Update

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has submitted to Hamilton City Council a number of proposals for development of the former Church College of New Zealand site in Temple View, Hamilton.

These proposals include the construction of a new stake centre (large church meetinghouse), an historical precinct referred to as ‘Legacy Park,’ and road improvements. These proposals come after extensive consultation with the community and others.

The developments will necessitate the removal of a number of the former teachers’ houses on the east side of Tuhikaramea Road and some of the CCNZ buildings. The primary objective of this development is to safe-guard, enhance and beautify the environs of the Hamilton New Zealand Temple and support the development of the local community.

The council resource consent process needed to gain approval for these developments includes the opportunity for the public, including Church members, to make submissions on whether the development should take place.

“We hope that many members of the Church will take part in this process and express their opinions to the council by making a formal submission,” said Latter-day Saint leader, Elder David Thomson.  “Personal submissions will be important in helping the decision-making process.”

To assist Latter-day Saints and others wishing to make submissions to the council on the proposals currently being reviewed, the Church issued the following information:

  • The stake centre will fill an urgent need for additional worship facilities in Temple View given the lack of space in the existing Fosters Road chapel and the need for space for three wards which currently meet in alternative buildings in Temple View, such as the former CCNZ library.
  • The stake centre will fill a need for recreational/cultural space in the Temple View community. 
  • The physical proximity and visual connection to the temple means that the stake centre will be able to be used for activities that have a temple focus such as the annual Christmas lights program, with associated church choirs.
  • The stake centre and Legacy Park development will be owned by the Church in perpetuity and maintained to the same high standard as the temple and its grounds.  This will also help to facilitate the future refurbishment of these heritage buildings and ensure that their surroundings are compatible with their heritage status.
  • The creation of Legacy Park is a significant community asset which will be informally available to the public for passive recreation. Legacy Park, in association with the proposed lake and wetland areas will also create new habitats for flora and fauna.  The park will recognise the significant contribution of those individuals who built the temple and CCNZ (known as ‘labour missionaries’), as well as other individuals who played a part in the development of the Temple View area
  • The storm water ponds will enhance the slowing and filtering of storm water run-off from the site along with improving the Koromatua Stream, which currently runs in a drain and through a pipe to Tuhikaramea Road and thereafter to the Waipa River. 
  • The proposed improvements to Tuhikaramea Road will assist in reducing vehicular speed, thus creating a safer environment for pedestrian and road users alike.
  • The introduction of roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and cycle paths will also improve lateral connectivity between residential areas to the west of Tuhikaramea Road and community facilities to the east. 
  • The introduction of vehicle parking spaces along the western side of Tuhikaramea Road will also be a benefit to the future residents on the west side as they can park on the roadside and access their homes. 
  • The introduction of parking bays will also assist in creating more “side friction” thus increasing the visual cues to road users that they are travelling through a residential area and that slower vehicle speeds are appropriate. 
  • The construction of a roundabout at the northern end of Temple View will ensure that vehicles travelling south will be required to slow to an appropriate speed prior to entering the village and it will also create a new access to the northern end of the campus site.  This access will replace the current access through Mission Way which will eventually be closed and turned into a cul-de-sac just servicing the former library building. 

Those who wish to make a personal submission to Hamilton City Council can find the submission form here: