Vocational Education Missionaries

Vocational Education Missionaries

There is an ongoing need for senior missionary couples who have a background as professional educators, or as professionals with skills in the areas of agriculture, automotive, carpentry, construction, computer aided design, electrical, welding, fabrication, cooking, sewing, patisserie, etc. to serve in Pacific Church High Schools. These schools are located in Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, or Tonga.

The role of the missionaries is to observe classrooms, provide professional development, mentor and train teachers, and provide expertise and support to improve school Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programs.

These missionary couples serve as consultants for administrators and school leadership teams, to help accomplish Pacific Area initiatives and targets, and to improve opportunities for students.

These couples work with the Pacific Area TVET Manager of Church Schools, the International Teacher Education (ITEP) Area Coordinators, the school principal, and TVET faculty.

If you are interested, please contact Elder and Sister Henderson at the Pacific Area office for more information:
Phone: +64-9-488-2340; james.henderson@ldschurch.org