Sunday 17 March 2024

Worldwide Relief Society Devotional

WW Devotional

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President Russell M. Nelson and the Relief Society General Presidency — President Camille N. Johnson, Sister J. Anette Dennis, and Sister Kristin M. Yee — will speak to women during a worldwide Relief Society devotional on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

The devotional will commemorate the purpose and founding of the Relief Society, which took place on March 17, 1842. All members of Relief Society and young women turning 18 in 2024 are invited to participate. Following the devotional messages, Relief Societies will have the opportunity to hold a local testimony meeting where sisters can share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Stake or ward Relief Societies are encouraged to gather for the devotional and testimony meeting on the evening of Sunday, March 17. Where constraints make gathering at this time difficult, Relief Societies may wish to gather in person at another time. Leaders are also encouraged to stream the devotional and testimony meeting to those who cannot attend in person.

Stake or ward councils are encouraged to counsel together to discuss the following:

  • How Church members can help provide childcare support during the event so all Relief Society sisters can participate.
  • A meeting time for the devotional that best meets the needs of the sisters in each area.  
  • An agenda for the meeting (see the following example):
    • Opening prayer
    • Prerecorded broadcast (35 minutes): Messages from President Nelson and the Relief Society General Presidency
    • Sharing of testimonies: length of time to be determined by the stake or ward.
    • Closing song
    • Closing prayer
  • Additional suggestions:   
    • Encourage Relief Society sisters to record impressions they may receive during the devotional.
    • Invite sisters to connect globally on social media about the event using the hashtag #JesusChristIsRelief.
    • Ask local Relief Society presidencies to facilitate the event.