The 5-Step Process

5 step process

A career coach follows the 5-Step Career Process to identify young adults who can benefit from having a career plan.  A Coach helps CLIENTS discover and become motivated by the many benefits and blessings a career can offer.  They help them create a plan, and by agreement, support them along their career path and monitor their progress and success throughout  their journey.
As you apply the 5-Step Process and work with your coach, you will tune into this unique opportunity to be supported on your career path and achieving your unique potential. 


Young Adults are vibrant and full of potential and energy. With over 90,000 young adults in the Pacific Area we identify where our young adults are and aim to make contact with them. The aim is to identify individuals who would benefit from a career discussion.  


This step involves helping young adults really understand the concept of a career and the potential benefits and blessings it can offer. Coaches support young adults to help them explore and discover the many possibilities of a career. Career coaches bring excitement about a career and to help young adults see the relevance and richness a career can bring to their futures. 


Supported by their coach, young adults create a personalized Career Plan. This step varies for everyone, as some may already have a clear direction while others require more thought. Tools such as the Simple Career Guide, My Compass and Education for Better Work assist young adults in identifying interests, skills, career options, educational requirements, milestones, and necessary support. The goal is to create detailed and personally relevant plans that increase commitment and improve the likelihood of long-term success.


The Careers Support approach follows the Saviours pattern by caring for each young adult 'One-by-One'. A coach provides emotional and educational support during times of trial. They can make a big difference. The coach-young adult relationship is mutually agreed upon and generally includes clear terms and conditions outlined in writing. The role of a coach is to provide encouragement, advice, and assistance when needed, without being intrusive or judgmental. The level of support a young adult needs varies from person to person and at different times.  


Registering on the Careers Pacific Profile App means young adults will be identified and contacted by a coach.  It can also provide a sense of belonging within the positive educational movement of seeking education with purpose and pursuing meaningful careers.