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Perpetual Education Fund
Returned Missionary Scholarship
Returned Missionary Scholarship for Elders (RMSE)
P-13 Subsidy Scholarship
P-13 Study Overseas at a Church School Scholarship​

Perpetual Education Fund

The Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) loan program helps members of the Church of all ages get an education that leads to a self-reliant job. Since 2001 this program has touched the lives of more than 90,000 individuals around the world. Through loan repayments and generous donations, this fund will continue to lift individuals and families out of poverty and into self-reliance for decades to come.

Visit Perpetual Education website for more information

Returned Missionary Scholarship 

As of April 2020, the Returned Missionary Scholarship (RMS) is only accepting renewal applications from previous scholarship recipients. New applications will not be accepted. 

What does this mean?

Q. If I submitted a new RMS application before 1st April 2020 will I be able to reapply for support from the RMS?

Yes. If your new RMS applications was approved before 1st April 2020 then you can submit a renewal application for support until you complete your program as listed on your initial application. 

All existing RMS scholars will continue to receive funds, if they: 

  • Hold a current temple recommend
  • Completed Education for Better Work and My Foundation self-reliance courses
  • Have a strong desire to learn
  • Passed the previous semesters classes
  • Applying to the same program

Q. Can I submit a new application for the RMS now?

No. From April 2020, the RMS will no longer accept new applications. 

Q. I am a recently returned male missionary, can I apply for RMS? 

No, but you can apply for the RMSE. See below.

To renew your RMS please fill out the renewal application form (PDF) and send the completed form to or to your local Welfare and Self-Reliance Manager.

Returned Missionary Scholarship for Elders (RMSE)


The Returned Missionary Scholarship for Elders is available to recently returned male missionaries who want to apply the experiences, skills, and habits they’ve developed in the mission field into the next phase of their lives.


The RMSE goal is to assist recipients to participate in education programs that fill a local need, and help them move forward with their life plan.  This will help recipients achieve education and career goals, and develop strong leadership skills.


RMSE is available in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, PNG, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, and Vanuatu.

Terms & Conditions

An annual cap of $1,250.00 NZD applies. 
The RMSE will pay for tuition only.
RMSE recipients should apply every semester for continued funding.


  • All male returned missionaries who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply:
  • Have returned home from your mission within the last 5 years from date of application
  • Hold a current temple recommend
  • Enrolled in both Education for Better Work and My Foundation self-reliance courses, 
  • Have a strong desire to learn

How to apply

Fill out the new RMSE application form (PDF) and give the completed form to your local Welfare and Self-Reliance Manager.

Renewal application (to be submitted before the beginning of each semester)
For those who have already received an Returned Missionary Scholarship for Elders, fill out the renewal application form (PDF) and give the completed form to your local Welfare and Self-Reliance Manager. 

P-13 Subsidy Scholarship

The Lord has commanded us to get as much education as we can. A child that remains at school longer will have a better chance of learning valuable skills and knowledge to become self-reliant spiritually and temporally. The P-13 subsidy scholarship is available to needy, worthy and determined families who want to keep their children in school longer.


  • Baptised and confirmed member of the church
  • Regularly attend Sunday church meetings
  • Attend seminary or institute (if available in your area)
  • Parents of children under 18 years old and students 18 years of age are participating in or have completed My Foundation and Success at School Begins at Home
  • Interviewed and found to be needy, determined and worthy by their Bishop or Branch President. During this interview families will need to discuss their financial situation and agree to an amount they can pay towards the annual school fee.

How to apply:

Ask to meet with your bishop or branch president to review your eligibility for a P-13 scholarship ‘School Fees Subsidy’ application form, and how to enrol for the Success in School Begins at Home group.

You can also download the form here and take it with you when you meet with your Bishop.

Download P-13 scholarship ‘School Fees Subsidy’ application form

P-13 Study Overseas at a Church School Scholarship

(P-13 SOCS)

The P-13 SOCS scholarship provides an opportunity for youth aged 14-18 years from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu to study for three years at Church College in Fiji, or youth from Marshall Islands to study at Moroni High School in Kiribati. Students who attend church schools receive spiritual and academic education that will help them gain the necessary skills and education to be spiritually and temporally self-reliant.

This is a partial scholarship and requires families to contribute to the costs of travel and other costs associated with education and dorm life while at a church school. Further details can be obtained by contacting your Bishop or local Welfare & Self-Reliance Manager in countries where the scholarship is available.

Applicants must meet with their Bishop/Branch President begin the application process and must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged between 14 and 18 years old BEFORE December 31st
  • Baptised and confirmed member of the church
  • Endorsed by their bishop or branch president as worthy
  • Attending church meetings regularly
  • Attending seminary
  • A strong desire to learn
  • Have good academic and behaviour school report
  • Completed and passed year 10 at a local high school
  • Pass English reading, writing and math test
  • Pay a financial contribution of each year

Scholarships are limited so you will need to be meet all application dates and ensure all the required information is provided so your application is not delayed.

Applications open in February and close on the last day of April each year.

Download P-13 SOCS scholarship application