Missionary Services

Services provided in support of missionary preparation and early release missionaries. 

Pre-mission Assessments (PMAs) 

Pre-mission assessments can only be requested by a Priesthood leader. Priesthood leaders may request a PMA to assist them in determining the emotional or psychological readiness or suitability of a prospective missionary candidate before they recommend that candidate for missionary service.   

PMAs may also be requested by the Missionary Department, to assist them in gathering information relating to any history disclosed in a candidate’s missionary application.  

PMAs gather detailed information through relevant testing and interview of the missionary candidate. The PMA may highlight the need for further specific preparation to be made or for more time to be taken to minimise the risk of mental health complications arising in the mission field.  PMAs provide pertinent information to enable General Authorities in the Missionary Department to make the final decision on a candidate’s readiness or suitability to serve a mission.  

PMAs are generally provided at no charge by Family Services staff. However, in some cases due to demand and availability, PMAs may be referred to suitably trained professionals in the Brisbane office’s Community Resource Network. In these instances, a fixed rate service fee will apply and will be billed to the requesting unit by the counsellor. Billable PMAs should be paid for from fast offering funds.   

Early Release (ER) Missionary Services 

Full-time proselyting missionaries who return home early due to psychological or emotional challenges, may be assessed by Family Services to determine their treatment needs and assist the ER missionary, their family and leaders to access appropriate services.  

When an early release missionary is assessed by a Family Services (FS) staff member, the assessment sessions are provided free of charge.  When additional or longer-term counselling treatment is required, the early release missionary will be referred to a FS Community Resource Network counsellor or another local resource (fees will apply for these services).  To assist ER missionaries to access the support and treatment they need, the first six sessions should be paid for by the Missionary Department insurance provider (when authorised by the Missionary Department), or in most cases should be paid by the local unit through fast offering funds.   

For more information please visit Early Returned Missionary Discussion Guide.