Emotional Health & Wellbeing

With the Savior's help we can overcome our addictions and find new meaning to life. The 12-step program incorporates gospel principles and fosters recovery and healing.

Hope and healing group (Addiction Recovery)
12 steps to change
Support Guide: Help for Spouses and Family Members

This guide provides resources and support to spouses and family members of individuals who are displaying compulsive behaviours. 

Watch a new series of online videos that explores individual stories of grace, hope and strength through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ. 

Everyone needs help sometimes. Life is like that. In fact, God planned it to be that way. Mortality presents each of us with a wide variety of experiences, and some are easier to manage than others. No matter the experience, there is always help. That’s part of God’s plan too.

Some people experience feelings of incongruence between their biological sex and their gender identity. As a result, they may identify as transgender. Click for some helpful information on the topic. 

Have you noticed that you’ve been feeling down or worried? Is it a struggle to get through each day? Having anxiety and depression can cause you to think and act differently and this can affect all aspects of your life. Click here for some helpful information on the topic.